Friends, today I will share top classified sites most popular in Canada. These sites are free to use and you can post your ads on all Canadian classified sites with paid as well as free listing. You can target Canada's online market by posting your ads on Canadian classified sites. Posting ads will give you backlinks to your website which will also helpful in your website's ranking. This tactics are are known as search engine optimization and using this you can grow your organic traffic from specific countries like Canada.
Let's start posting your ads on these most popular and best sites truly based on Canada. Now it's very easy to promote your small business for free with below sites list.

If you are in Canada and you have a Canadian website to add here, then feel free to comment your site here and we will add that in this list.

Top 138 classifieds sites in Canada for ad posting

  1. http://canada.global-free-classified-ads.com/
  2. http://adsolist.com/
  3. http://miniads.ca/
  4. http://postad.ca/ 
  5. http://yellowcrowd.ca/
  6. http://olx.ca/
  7. http://yourclassifieds.ca/
  8. http://adpost.com/ca/ 
  9. http://dciads.ca/ 
  10. http://canada.lebanezo.com/
  11. http://ebayclassifieds.com
  12. http://backpage.com/
  13. http://carsgone.com/
  14. http://allstarjobs.ca/
  15. http://realestate.ivarta.com/
  16. http://adsnity.com/
  17. http://rentcompass.com/free-rental-ads
  18. http://help.yahoo.com
  19. http://bizcaf.ca 
  20. listall.ca
  21. http://adoos.ca/
  22. http://mycity.sulekha.com/
  23. http://locanto.ca/
  24. http://facebook.com
  25. http://squidoo.com
  26. http://advertisingincanada.com/
  27. http://sortopia.com
  28. http://localmartca.com/ 
  29. http://addieclassifieds.com/
  30. http://avcanada.ca/forums2/viewforum.php?f=7
  31. http://bestfarmbuys.com/
  32. http://keetro.ca/
  33. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/zip/
  34. http://classifiedextra.ca/ 
  35. http://myadmonster.com/
  36. http://cdncc.com/
  37. http://leafs.net
  38. http://postingking.com
  39. http://nortad.com/
  40. http://freetrafficgeek.com
  41. http://post.adeex.ca/
  42. http://city4load.com/
  43. http://showyourads.ca/
  44. http://bunchbay.ca
  45. http://website.informer.com/canada.clicads.com
  46. http://news.icontv.ca/ccount/click.php?id=2
  47. http://rent-index.com/
  48. http://canada.gumpul.com/
  49. http://obitar.ca
  50. http://classifiedglobal.wordpress.com/
  51. http://myaddsposting.blogspot.com
  52. http://montreallisting.ca/post-free-classified-ad/
  53. http://buyselltrade.ca/
  54. http://wwwb.autotrader.ca/HowTos/
  55. www.postad.ca 
  56. http://allstarjobs.ca
  57. http://classifieds.webindia123.com
  58. http://www.canadiancyclist.com/classifieds.php
  59. http://www.olx.ca
  60. http://www.dnc.ca 
  61. http://help.kijiji.net/ca/knowledgebase.php
  62. http://free4uclassifieds.com/
  63. http://wiki.answers.com/
  64. http://1000-ads-canada.com/
  65. http://fmclassifieds.com/canadahome.php
  66. http://adsglobe.com/canada
  67. http://findstuffhere.ca/findstuff/
  68. http://classifieds.canoe.ca
  69. http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/ca
  70. http://www.classifiedextra.ca
  71. www.aderk.ca 
  72. http://miniads.ca 
  73. http://education-training-
  74. lessons.freeadsincanada.com 
  75. http://www.locanto.ca
  76. http://www.adoos.ca 
  77. http://justcanada.over-blog.com
  78. http://freead1.net/
  79. http://postad.us/ 
  80. http://adsnity.com 
  81. http://adforfree.in/
  82. http://classifieds.ca/
  83. http://buy-quickly.com
  84. http://forsalebyowner.ca/ 
  85. http://expatads.com/18-Canada/
  86. http://classifiedsearth.com/
  87. http://webcosmoforums.com/
  88. http://servicecanada.gc.ca/
  89. http://bestjobsca.com/em-register.htm
  90. http://autotrader.ca/HowTos/SellingACar.aspx
  91. http://mrrental.ca/
  92. http://myaddsposting.blogspot.com
  93. http://postad.ph/
  94. http://classifieds.webindia123.com/
  95. http://website.informer.com/canada.clicads.com
  96. http://avcanada.ca/forums2/viewforum.php?f=7
  97. https://postfreeclassifiedadsincanadaqpnt.wordpress.com
  98. http://www.universelisting.com 
  99. https://www.expatads.com/18-Canada
  100. http://alldayads.com
  101. http://www.forsalebyowner.ca
  102. http://www.adoos.ca
  103. http://www.showyourads.ca
  104. http://classifiedscalgary.ca/
  105. http://monsterauto.ca/place-an-ad.php
  106. http://adskingdom.ae.ma
  107. http://anunico-ca.com/
  108. http://postad.co.za/
  109. http://sellyourstuff.ca
  110. http://www.freeji.ca 
  111. http://www.canetads.com
  112. https://www.redleafads.com
  113. http://www.monsterauto.ca/place-an-ad-free.php
  114. http://www.mrrental.com
  115. http://www.postad.ca
  116. http://www.classifiedscalgary.ca 
  117. http://post.adeex.ca/ads/add 
  118. http://www.bunchbay.ca
  119. http://www.nowclassifieds.ca
  120. http://adsglobe.com/canada
  121. www.servicecanada.gc.ca
  122. http://www.kijiji.ca
  123. http://yourclassifieds.ca
  124. http://toronto.craigslist.ca
  125. http://canada.gumpul.com
  126. http://www.universelisting.com
  127. http://www.fmclassifieds.com/canadahome.php
  128. http://www.postad.co.za
  129. http://miniads.ca
  130. http://www.listall.ca
  131. http://jobpostcanada.com
  132. http://www.adpost.com/ca
  133. http://www.classifiedsottawa.ca
  134. http://www.classifieds.ca
  135. http://keetro.ca

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