Falling in love is the cutest experience one can experience in his/ her life. I too fall in love so many time since my childhood but only one girl came to my life and cleared the difference between love and affection. It's already 1 and half-year that I know her but I am afraid of loosing her. I know I can tell her that I am loving her but I think if I told her early then most probably she will reject me and that is the reason I decided to remain her best friend. Today I will share my story of first love and I am afraid that my mom will read this. 

     I was a boy who thinks "Pyar wyar kuch ni hota " and me and my friends always roam around streets in search of beautiful girls. We know many of girls in our locality but one day a girl came to my life. She was new in our locality. I was just ignoring her for few days and I don't know when I start loving her. She was coming in my dreams daily. My friends starts teasing me by telling I fell in love and "Ye to Gayo Pyar main ". One day I set my mind to ask her for friendship but when she came in front of me I was only able to ask her name. I never ask a girl her name directly so I have fear that of happening something strange. But she tell me " abhi tak name bhi ni pata " ,  I said how can I know your name when you didn't tell me and no one knows you because you are new in this society. Then she told me her name, ( sorry I can't show her name here ) . From that day, I always looks for her at 12 in the noon. But it's 3 days passed out and I didn't find her. I am a very lazy person but I don't know how I was able to wake up early in the morning to see her when she was going to her college at 7.00 am.

I know Facebook helps a lot in knowing unknown peoples and I start searching her Facebook accounts. Searching Facebook account with her name was very hard. I found 3 girls having similar profile picture but none of them accept my request. One day I decide to ask her number so that we can exchange text over phone but when she came to me I was blank again. I didn't figure out what to do what to ask. I was afraid that  if I ask her phone number then she will shout on me and will not look on me in future so I decide to ask her Facebook account. Getting her Facebook account was 50% success for me in becoming her friend. I sent her friend request and she accept my request within few minutes. Thanks to all of my friends who help me in doing this. Now it became one-sided love. I can't sleep properly, I can't eat properly. If any day I didn't see her I started feeling sad. One day I ask her for friendship and I was totally amazed by her reply. She told me that I am her only friend in the society. She also told me that she only knows me. I was thinking of introducing her with my friend but then I stop because of my "Kamine friends ". As I already said we both knows each other and become best friends. I never asked her about her birthday as I came to know about her birthday from her Facebook profile. So I was ready to give her a beautiful gift but when I wish her birthday she told me something which was very strange and make me feel foolish in the world. She told me it was her daddy's birthday and her birthday will be on 5 months later. I was surprised,. But now I know her actual birthday to wish her.

Months passed out and I am still thinking of proposing her. All of my friends already told me to propose her but you it was fear of loosing her. In November last year I asked her if she have a boyfriend and she told me she was in relationship for the past 5 years. This 5 year relationship tells me that this girl is loyal with her boyfriend and I should quit or wait for the right time. It was not an easy decision but I decide to stay her friend and I forgot about proposing her.

Now, it's 15 days passed out and we were just chatting normal over WhatsApp. I read her status and found a sad face. I asked her what is the reason and got a news which is the best for me. She had breakup with her boyfriend. Wow, " Mann main Laddo fhutta " . Now I said, forgot about him and live your life happily with your new friends.

It's about 60 days, we both spent many days with each other happily and many time shared personal information to each other. Many times we laughed at each other. We both makes mistakes but we both supports each other. I think this valentine is the best day to ask her " will you merry me " . If she replied yes then I will post our marriage pictures here and if not then I will accept it and will wait for the right time. But I know she will accept my proposal because we both care for each other.
Love is just another word for care. . .i will purchase a gift for my lover from http://valentinesday.indiangiftsportal.com

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